Journal Entry #5: Orange and Red


This room is one of my all time favorite inspirations for comfortable and chic living. They represent an eclectic and well-traveled individual who has excellent taste and can create beautiful vignettes with all of their pieces they have gathered from around the world. I’d love to live in either space. The tables from Caste Design are such an innovative design and would go in both super modern or traditional homes. Journal5

The dark walls and brass in this bathroom are so beautiful and moody! And I love bathroom large enough to put regular furniture in. The orange chaise in the top photo looks so comfortable and chic. I have tried to look up a store called Community and Co., but I can’t find any reference to it. Does anyone know if […]

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Journal Entry #4: A perfect office


I believe this image is from Domino years ago. I love everything about it and think it is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. The teal mixed with yellow is so unexpected, and yet it works together perfectly. I love the black desk, and those perfectly organized shelves are a dream come true.

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Journal Entry #2: Mixed Materials


That light by Holly Hunt is so timeless, and I can see it in so many different styles of rooms. I wish I knew where the image on the bottom right came from. I don’t know what the walls are made of, but to me it looks like concrete. That desk and chair are perfection – and the desk reminds me of the lines on the Desi Coffee Table.


This entry is from my 2011 journal, right after I moved up to Brooklyn. I started to really like the brass/wood combination, whereas before then it looked very traditional to me. The desk is so classic, and has been knocked off my almost every major contemporary furniture company. I’d love to see those suitcases stacked in […]

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Journal Entry #1: Aqua Walls and Octagon Table

In college, I had a professor that made us keep a creative journal where we would record ideas, sketches and any inspiring images we came across. This was way before Pinterest, and while I do love to pin things, I still tear things out of magazines and make little journal entries. Unfortunately, I didn’t start recording my sources until recently so I don’t have sources for everything but I still like to look through them and get inspired. Each page represents months if not years of design. I try to group everything on a page so that it looks good together, no matter what the image source or genre is.Journal-1

I am so in love with these aqua walls – especially with the symmetrical artwork and styling.


This is from one of […]

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