The Story of Desi: Part 1

The Desi collection actually started out as a school project when I was in graduate school.  I was working on my thesis, and decided to focus on fair trade. In my previous job I had spent a lot of time designing furniture to be manufactured in Asia, and I wanted to learn more about opportunities overseas to work with factories that employed socially responsible manufacturing practices.


I began by doing lots of research on the World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation and other organizations supporting the idea of social responsibility. Through the WFTO I found a few factories in India that were fair-trade certified and reached out to them to find out more. I focused on India because I had traveled there several times, and love the people and culture. I also saw the devastation of poverty and disease in the country […]

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Peru Part 3: The Amazon People

While we were on the river, we stopped at a few really small villages. We toured schools and markets and learned how the native people use vegetables to dye all of their textiles for their intricate weavings.


In one of the markets, we got to hold a baby sloth (named Theresa). She moved really slow and latched onto you with her long claws.


My husband, Drew.



We stopped at a park ranger’s station and these little kids from the village brought their own little canoe across the stream to see us. The oldest was probably about 6 years old and they all knew how to paddle their own boats.


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Peru Part 2: The Amazon Wildlife

After Lima, we flew to Iquitos to start a 5 night tour of the Amazon. We stayed on a boat that carried about 20 passengers, and every day we would tour the jungle in a skiff.


Above is a sloth in a tree. They were so hard to spot, but our guide could see them from hundreds of yards away.


It rained a little bit while we were there, but it was mostly sunny and really hot.


These lilypads were huge, and had a really sharp, thorny structure on the underside.




This is a flock of blue and yellow […]

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Peru Part 1: Lima

I spent the last ten days in Peru with my husband’s side of the family. I had been to South America before, but never to Peru. We spent a few nights in Lima at the beginning and end of the trip, and visited the Amazon on a riverboat in the middle.

In Lima, we stayed in the beautiful Miraflores neighborhood, which literally translates to “to watch the flowers”. It has a beautiful tropical climate, and the plants were so colorful, as was the architecture. Peruvians are not afraid of color on their homes! The cacti were also enormous and beautiful.







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