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The lead time for made to order lighting is 6-8 weeks, and 10-14 weeks for made to order furniture.
The lead time for made to order lighting is 6-8 weeks, and 10-14 weeks for made to order furniture.

About Our Finishes

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Our stock fabric option is an extremely stain resistant, woven polyester. With a soft hand and Crypton coating, it makes for a durable residential and light commercial use option. Intended for use on upholstery, it is woven domestically and has a Wyzenbeek rating of >30K double rubs. 


We use the highest grade North American hardwood for our pieces. We source our lumber from responsible local suppliers who have 50+ years of experience turning logs into furniture grade lumber. Our woods are finished with a commercial grade, catalyzed lacquer.


Our leather lighting wraps are cut from an aniline hide and dressed with wax and oil that is then milled and polished. Each hide is sourced from New Zealand’s North Island. 
The leather straps for our Safari Bench are supplied by an Ohio leather company that has made bridle and saddlery leather goods since 1973.  All of our color options are vegetable tanned and dyed with the finest natural tree bark tanning liquors for richness and texture. Each side of the hide is soaked in ground-vats and hand-worked for smooth, consistent and firm results.


All of our brass lighting is made from solid brass pipe, tube, sheet or rod. We have three standard finish options, all of which are hand sealed with wax. We do not offer lacquered finishes on any of our lighting. 


Ceramic lighting parts are slip cast in Tennessee by a women-owned ceramics studio. Each part is unglazed, and color options are pigment tinted for the richest and most saturated color. Please note that due to the nature of hand-made ceramics, each ceramic component may vary slightly in shape and color. 

Powder Coated Shades

Our powder coated shades are spun from aluminum in California. We have them coated in a dry finishing process, by which an electric charge fuses dry powder to the surface of the metal. Each shade is then baked in a curing oven to achieve a smooth, hard coating. This creates a finish much more durable than conventional paint.

Steel Furniture

Our metal furniture is made from solid steel, which is welded or forged and then powder coated with a charcoal finish.