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The lead time for made to order lighting is 6-8 weeks, and 10-14 weeks for made to order furniture.
The lead time for made to order lighting is 6-8 weeks, and 10-14 weeks for made to order furniture.

Our Manufacturing Partners


 From California to North Carolina to New York, our manufacturing partners are among the best makers and artisans in the industry. 

Wood Furniture


Olivr Studio is based in Maryland and closely collaborates with our design team to maintain and grow an exclusive line of elegant, American hardwood furniture for modern living. Our shared vision encompasses crafting sustainable, heirloom quality pieces that elevate the everyday experience of our clients, while mitigating environmental impacts and designing for durability.


A family business for over 60 years out of North Carolina, Huntington House is a trusted partner in producing our exclusive upholstered designs. They understand our commitment to offering timeless furnishings, that are built to last, from domestically woven fabrics and materials. As partners, we both agree that investing in "built to last" means less waste. Huntington House believes quality comes with a commitment to a lower carbon footprint and stewardship.

Steel Furniture

Founded in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1984, Charleston Forge crafts our original designs to the highest standards. We proudly work directly with the team in North Carolina to create the finest available made-to-order steel furniture.

Brass Lighting

Our exclusive lighting collection is made to order in our Savannah, GA studio, giving us full control of the production process and flexibility to customize most designs in our lighting line.

Machined Lighting Components

Our partnership with H&M Machining benefits not only from un-matched precision, but also proximity. We both call Savannah home, and we are able to work in concert with the team at H&M to customize parts for our entire range of made-to-order lighting: designed, built and shipped directly from Savannah. Throughout a longstanding relationship, we count on H&M’s advanced technologies and hyper efficiency (typically reserved for their luxury aircraft clients) to meet the demands of our business while also reducing material waste.

Metal Light Shades 

American Metal Spinning is a New York based family business, producing high-quality, machine-spun metal parts since 1986. Focusing on the details and meeting every challenge, AMS executes our spun metal light shades precisely to our design team’s specifications.

Leather Components

Savannah-based and founded in 2013, Fiddler Supply uses traditional techniques to create our leather components and bring a feeling of longevity and textural detail to our brass lighting and wood furniture.

Ceramic Lighting Components

Jessica Russell is a multidisciplinary artist whose ceramic skills bring unmatched quality of form and function to her pieces for our brass lighting. Based in Tennessee, Jessica works alongside her sister to craft functional, handmade home goods inspired by nature for Studio Ember.
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